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Hi All, i am new and glad to be here. i rescued my tiel over a year ago, he was 3 weeks old and he is my whole heart. there are 3 main reasons that i have figured he screams.

1st reason is i was a newbie to tiels and didn't know better. so he was started on a all seed diet as per the pet stores. i have recently learnt this is the worst and am trying to convert him to pellets. its been about 1 month. still cried for his budgie seeds that he loves so much. i feel terrible for doing this to him :(

2nd reason is i have moved out, and he is in a new environment, so i accept he is not settled yet and will give him as much time as he needs to be happy here in our new home. but i have neighbors and dont want anyone complaining that will force me to have to give him up. that wont be fair at all :( my old home also had a aviary, with other cockatiels. so i understand that i have taken him away from his flock but i didnt have a choice. so i bought another tiel for him and he was not happy. fighting with the new one and not happy that there was another one so i put the new one in the avairy back home because it made him worse. the new one was very quiet and not tame at all so we tried for a month but had to give up.

3rd reason is when he was a baby and would scream i would run to him and do anything for him. now i feel he screams for my attention and its a terrible cycle happening here. when he screams ( for the past 2 months ) i would start by ignoring him, ( seeing that hes not hurt and has food ) then he will carry on and i would then go cover him, and when he becomes quiet i would uncover him. hes very good when you cover him, quiets down in about 5 minutes. so then i uncover him and whisper to him and as soon as i sit down by him he screams again so i cover him again. this cycle can continue for the whole day.

its obviously not working. what do i do. what am i doing wrong. how do i break this bad habit i have obviously created. i dont want to get rid of him. i cannot even put him outside for a new scenery as i fear for the neighbors getting the management to tell me to get rid of him. i have bought this home so i cannot even move someones else :(

im at my witts end and i love him so much and hes a good boy. but this is stressing me out so much and breaking my heart :( my partner does not have a bond with him and doesn't give him the patience he deserves. so its on b=me to help my baby to be happier

please be kind and help me to stop the behavior.
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