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I have had my female cockatiel, Sunny, for about 17 years now.

Recently, I have been noticing that she will not let her tail feathers grow in. She lost a bunch (almost half) a few months ago due to a couple of crash landings, and I was excited to see new ones finally growing in. However, every time they get to 1.5 - 2 inches long, she chews them off! They keep growing back and my hopes rise, only to have her chew them off again! It seems that she does this at night while she is covered, as it's usually in the morning that I notice the sad fate of yet another tail feather.

She has never done this before. She takes good care of all of her other feathers (including her long tail feathers). It is ONLY the new tail feathers that she is removing. I'm afraid that once she loses the rest of her tail feathers in her molt, she'll never have a tail again! Why on earth would she be doing this?

She has a variety of toys to play with and things to chew on (none of which she touches, however) and she's out of her cage either with me or on her tree for most of the day.

I'm so confused and have no idea what to do...


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