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nm i found a nice wbsite about this it says

Non-Toxic Plants
African daisy African palm African violet Airplane plant
Aloe plant Arcadia Asparagus fern Aster
Baby's tears Bachelor Buttons Bamboo Birds Nest Fern
Blood Leaf plant Boston fern Bougainvillea California Poppy
Camelia Chickweed Christmas Cactus Corn plant
Cotoneaster Crab apple Creeping Charlie Creeping Jennie
Croton Dahlia Daisies Dandelion Dogwood
Donkey Tail Dracaena Easter Lily Echeveria
Eugenia Ficus Fuchsia Gardenia
Geranium Gloxinia Grape Ivy Hawthorn
Honeysuckle Hoya Impatiens Jade plant
Kalanchoe Lipstick plant Magnolia Marigold
Monkey plant Orchid Palms Peperomia
Petunia Piggy-back plant Prayer plant Purple Passion
Pyracantha Rose Rubber plant Salal
Sanseverieria Schefflera Sensitive plant Spider plant
Swedish Ivy Tulip Umbrella Tree Violet
Wandering Jew Wax plant Yucca plant Zebra plant

Toxic Plants
Amaryllis Anemone Angel's Trumpet Arrowhead
Avocado Azaleas Bird of Paradise Cactus
Caladium Calla Lily Castor Bean Chinese Evergreen
Crocus Daffodil Daphne Delphinium
Devil's Ivy Dieffenbachia Elderberry Elephant's Ear
Eucalyptus Foxglove Heliotrope Holly
Hyacinth Hydrangea Iris Ivy
Jack-in-the-pulpit Jerusalem Cherry Jasmine Jimson Weed
Lantana Larkspur Laurel Lily-of-the-valley
Lobelia Lupine Marijuana Mayapple
Mistletoe Moonseed Morning Glory Narcissus
Nightshade Oleander Peace Lily Periwinkle
Philodendron Poinsettia Poison Hemlock Poison Ivy
Poison Oak Poppy Pokeweed Privet
Red Maple Rhododendron Rosary Pea Tobacco
Tomato(except fruit) Water Hemlock Waxberry Wisteria

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I read the opposite, that the concentrated juice/slime inside the plant can cause irritation to the digestive tract. But if she just had a small bite i can't imagine it hurting her in any way. :)
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