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Help! My three year old Bella has laid her first egg! She was screeching a lot and desperate to get into a little dark shelving area so we thought it'd be good for her to have a nest with some dummy eggs we provided but she laid anyway!

I've read that there's a good chance that there are more eggs to come, so should I not discourage her by blocking off her nest? I've also read that once the clutch is laid the tiel should be left to sit on them for 20-30 days, though once that time is up should I just remove the eggs or will she lose interest on her own? Any advice is appreciated! Very nervous 馃槬

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My 3 year old tiel has also recently started laying! she has no nest and just lays on a little table/shelf like perch in her cage. sometimes she'll even lay an egg from her perch and it will drop straight to the bottom of her cage. I also have another 4 year old cockatiel and she has never laid a single egg! so it worried me when my 3 yr old started laying - especially because when she does lay, she shakes viciously and am very concerned about her! i have caught her trembling like this twice now! is this normal?
i tried switching up their food and leaving her eggs in the cage but she seems disinterested in them after she has laid... i am worried and am not sure if this behaviour is normal?
any help would be greatly appreciated :) because im so nervous and concerned... thank you! :)

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So how'd you guys make out ? Hope your young ladies are OK.

I've had female cockatiels as pets for the better part of 40 years. Way back when the advice I read about said "Take the eggs awa and they'll stop". Seems like it worked as I never lost a bird to too much egg laying.

I now have a 2 y.o. that's laying. Not sure exactly when she started but it's over 10 days; maybe as long as 2 weeks. So I tried to find something on the 'net and the advice i found said to leave her alone, let her sit on the eggs until she loses interest and then the episode is over.

Now, my bird has the run of the house. She uses her cage, flies onto me on my recliner and forages a good part of the day on the floor.

When she began showing her hormones were acting up she decided that the best place was UNDER my recliner, while my legs were up of course and towards the back; where I have a tough time getting to them.

The other night I basically thought "It's been too long now. Those eggs are coming out of there." So last night, after I put her in her cage for the night I went underneath the recliner. To my surprise there were only 3 eggs. In 10 days to 2 weeks I would have thought there'd be about 5.

Now I should say, over the past 5 days or so she's gradually been becoming herself. She'd spend more and more time out from under, going to her cage to eat and even coming onto me for some neck scratches.

Anywho, this morning, after I changed her food (so she'd eat before "going to nest") I let her out. She flew down to the floor quickly as usual, took a relatively short walk under the recliner and after a fairly short time came out from under and has been out from under the recliner the whole time since.

Apparently she saw the eggs were gone and said "Oh well". Sometimes I wish I had such a short memory. LMAO
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