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Here are a few better photos of the whiteface parents and the babies. The other pics were taken with a cell phone, these are with a new camera! It would appear non of these babies actually have pearls. My wife things the babies cinnamon colors look like Auzzie ( the female ) I don't see it. her colors look more grey than fallow or cinnamon yet she does have pearls. I DO hope the babies keep this color because they look really cool and we've never had birds with this coloring.
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All the birds are beautiful!!! The only way that the babies would have pearls is if Buzz is split to pearl. Even though Auzzie is a pearl, she cannot have pearl chicks unless the father is split or visual. So in order for male pearl chicks to hatch, both parents have to be visual and for female pearl chicks to hatch, only the male has to be visual or split. Since you have no visual pearl chicks, then Buzz is probably not split. So I was talking to a breeder friend of mine, and she said that Auzzie is not actually a whiteface, but she is a cream face cinnamon pearl pied hen. She also said that some cream faces can be quite rare. Also, your yellow crested chicks are for sure cream face cinnamons, but the one with the white crest might just be a cinnamon whiteface. I can't tell in the pic, but if he has light cheek patches like the others, then he is a cream face instead of a whiteface as well.
Your'e very welcome. I had to get a little help from my breeder friend just because I don't know as much about whitefaces and cream faces as she does since she breeds them. As for the pearl gene, I will send you some screenshots if you'd like to know a little bit more on how that works. I find the sex-linked mutations the easiest to understand once you know them. Hopefully, that helps.
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Okay, sounds good! 😊 Oh, boy! I guess they think they should have more now that their chicks are getting older, lol! 😂 Yeah, no worries. I'm glad I could help.
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Here is a link to all the varying mutations of cockatiels. This is a pretty simple website.
Cockatiel Mutations Beauty of Birds If you put cockatiels in the search engine, it will come up with a ton of links, and then if you select Cockatiel Mutations, it will bring you to all the different types.
I'm still searching for more information on whiteface cockatiels so I'll definitely let you know what I find.
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