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Here are a few better photos of the whiteface parents and the babies. The other pics were taken with a cell phone, these are with a new camera! It would appear non of these babies actually have pearls. My wife things the babies cinnamon colors look like Auzzie ( the female ) I don't see it. her colors look more grey than fallow or cinnamon yet she does have pearls. I DO hope the babies keep this color because they look really cool and we've never had birds with this coloring.
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WOW! VERY interesting!!! And thank you for this info. You obviously know more about breeding and mutations than I do. In the last three clutch's we've had ( by other birds ) it was pretty straight forward as to what we would get and really no surprises. This one now is a little different to say the least! Your explanation about Buzz and HIS parents was a major help regrading the lack of pearls on the chicks. I always kinda wondered about Auzzie as even though she appears white (from a distance) the white on her face is a little off compared to Buzz. Again, Thank you so much for your help.
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By ALL means, you can send me ALL the information you can come up with on whiteface and in my case, Auzzie's mutation, There is NO doubt in my mind this won't be there first clutch! I caught Buzz a week ago already attempting to mate with Auzzie and they were STILL feeding the chicks!!! I nearly fainted! LOL! I stopped the process in time so we
re safe for now. THANKS again so much for the above information!
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