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They Only do it to my b/f & I think its the Quakers fault

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I can sit down on the couch to eat - doesn't matter what it is - - only time Baby and Nibbles come after my food is when they're on the back of the couch

and they think they're bieng so slick about it, I can see them gradually moving over to my shoulder out of the corner of my eye - if they notice me looking they stop! like they weren't doing anything to begin with, then they'll get close to my shoulder and Hop down on to it and slowly "sneek" down my arm to my plate...

now when my boyfriend sits down to eat (doesnt matter what we're eating) they can be in their cage on their cage it doesnt matter - if they're in it - - they get All excited and hurry to the door climb out and fly over to him normally bombarding him both at the same time and won't stop until he shares his food

Now i am blaming my quaker because HE also FLYS to you for your food - he can be asleep under his lil cozy tent, and he will come out from no where and bomb you for your food (and lord save us all if he hears a bag it can be a ziplock freezer bag) he goes ballasitc gets all excited, screeches loudly, bobs his head up and down while the majority of the time he's yelling " good stuff" while doing this

I used to be safe if I took my dinner to my room - then he started flying into me and bugging me for food(we moved his cage and the tiels cage around so NOW he can see me from my desk), and if you don't give him your food he trys to take it out of your mouth!

it used to be as long as You gave him a piece of what ever you were eating( or if we were eating somthing he couldn't have we'd give him a piece of whole wheat bread) and unless he was done before You, he didn't bug ya no more - - BUT that doesn't work any more either!

So it's all the Quakers fault when my boyfriend gets Bombed by Nibbles and Baby - He has taught them 2 lil girls a very bad lesson !! :p

Putting them back in or on thier cage - works about as well as it does with Billy ( the quaker) - before u sit back down you got birds flying back at you for your food

the wierd thing is I share my food with all of them just as much as my boyfriend does - BUT Nibbles and Baby do NOT come flying at me for my food!

I don't know if they realize when Billy does it to me he gets NOTHING! I just tell him " ya know what I can ignore a dog who stares at me begging for my food - I can do it to a lil green bird as well" I refuse to cater to his every demand - I think that is why he is the way he is now as it is, (from the lady who had him before got him into alot of bad habbits)

but I just thought I'd share my lil cute (or at least I think it is) story with ya'll

Oooo and before I forget Lily is starting to warm up to us (pearl not so much yet)

She has been flying over to my boyfriend alot lately, and she even steps up for us most of the time, my b/f more so because he's taller then me so when he goes to get her to step up on to his hand from the play gym , they're about the same height - - ME i'm standing on my tippy toes and still can't reach them( and they hiss and act like they're going to bite me) but only when they're up higher then me (dominance issues I know)

so we're making progress with 3 out of the 4 Females in the living room

I'm glad I decided to bring them out into the living room, from my son's room I don't think we'd made this much progress if I would of kept them in his room since they leave for school at 7 a.m and don't get home til 2:40 p.m by the time they do homework, eat, chores and a little bit of play time or t.v time before 7:30 p.m bed the birds weren't getting enough people interaction while in his room
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Good to hear your making good progress with your girls :) you did a good thing by moving them out into the living room, tiels do like to be the center of so its a better place for them :D
I had to laugh when you said lily is flying over to your boyfriend alot must be a female my Georgie does the same thing with my husband she prefers him over me anyday Georgie is definitely a daddy's girl :p
lol she normally does it when he's on the computer and will land on his head - - and that sooo makes the quaker mad - I bought the quaker for me, he liked me for 2 weeks then picked my b/f ( i am now tryin to stay away from birds that are more of a one owner bird) and if any one gets near my bf billy throws a fit!

but I keep telling him (billy not my boyfriend - well him too sometimes lol) to get over it, he doesnt run the house hold I DO so if a bird wants to sit on the couch another bird can sit on the couch with no arguments!

its like fighing with little kids to pick up toys or somthing LOL
hehe.... your right about the little kids part when Ollie is doing something he shouldn't and I scold him I think geez he is like one of my kids :p
I keep mine in the living room/main as well-that's where I spend all of my time. Acctually I converted what is traditionally the dining room into a computer/
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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