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I got my latest order of bird toys and didn't have anywere to put them. Not putting them in cage right away. Still trying to get the birds use to some other toys so i created a toy box. Its a 1 grid by 1 grid box. I used the same stuff as i used for cookies cage. Works well because i can hang ton of toys from the roof. Here is it with the new toys in it.

I also ordered 10 toys plus a foot toy so here are the 10 toys to start the filling of this box lol. Some picture are blurry but its night time here and we don't have goodl lighting
Toy 1

Toy 2

Toy 3

Toy 4

Toy 5

Toy 6

Toy 7

Toy 8

Toy 9

I seem to have forgotten a toy. i will get pictures of it later
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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