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Hi guys, so I’ve been here for a while and got some great inputs by tielfan, roxy, jenn etc in the past. And I’m back with another question

So- I’m inclined towards this specific male and the quality of this bird has been really nice. Right from the crest to the facial feathers, to his body and he is quite strong as well( get that feel when I hold him unlike other birds). He is also a whiteface split to cinnamon and lutino, understand that from my previous articles and he has given me a Lutino Male chick and a cinnamon visual female before. The mother that we assume is a visual lutino( with a possibility of cinnamon genes)
Now to the present, I have paired the whiteface father to the child who is a visual cinnamon female and the chick hatched is a WF. Can you guys have a look at the pictures and let me know what is gonna carry in terms of genes? Also would it be advisable to continue them as a pair and see the variety of mutations that may come by? I think the Male and female are both split with that little stripe on the back of their heads.


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