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Tequila and Kahlua!

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Here are pics of the two gorgeous hen tiels that I am birdy sitting this week, until next thursday :D They have settled in great (since lastnight) and here are pics from the past 24 hours :love:

The cage. It normally stand upright, but these guys can't go together, so I divided the cage in half (using the floor grate) and positioned the cageo n it's side (don't worry its safe) so they can be side by side, but not in the same cage ;) Works perfectly!

Here are pics of Kahlua :love:

Here is Tequila :love:

Both of them...

I will post more tonight, photobucket is being sooo frustrating! :mad: This is one of the things I LIKE about not having much pets anymore... I dont have a lot of pics to post on forums, they take forever :rolleyes: lol

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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