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Hmm i'ma try this out..
1. I'm 21 years old
2. I moved out of my parents house when I graduated high school at 17.
3. I Love all animals- birds, cats, dogs, rodents. And more.
4. I am a lesbian, and I am proud.
5. I was engaged for 2 years, we broke up this spring.
6. I want to have 3 kids. Some day ^_^
7. Once I get a house of my own, I want to get a macaw.
8. I want to do something with animals, as A job, but I couldn't be a vet.
9. I've been in university for 4 years and I haven't picked a program.
10. I Love school! If it were free I would continue going forever.

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1. I'm 22
2. I have a bachelor in graphic design and "make pretty stuff" for a living as the BF puts it (mostly websites)
3. I have anxiety attacks around water, won't even let my face get wet in the shower
4. I'm allergic to egg
5. I drive manual, but can't get my head around how to drive an auto (where's the clutch?!)
6. I represented my state at the ten pin bowling Australian junior nationals for a few years
7. I live with my boyfriend in a flat underneath his parents house
8. Cherry flavoured lollies are my favourites
9. I had an strong English (well, cockney) accent until primary school, despite neither of my parents having one. (Mum's entire side of the family moved here from england in the 70s when she was a kid)
10. I've never travelled more than 2 states away, but I'd love to go overseas one day.

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Lets give it a shot ;)

1) I have narcolepsy/cataplexy.
2) My mom has 11 siblings, and their names all begin with L. My dad and his two siblings have J names as well.
3) My favorite color is minty green, and my least favorite is purple.
4) My favorite music is rock/indie, and my favorite band is Anberlin - I have all their albums and all their songs memorized.
5) I have one sibling, an older sister. She's 2 years and 9 months older than me.
6) I never knew my grandparents, they all died when I was way too young to remember them.
7) I'm learning Spanish (third year) and I'm one of the best in my class at it.
8) I have an IQ of around 135, but I also have borderline/mild Asperger's syndrome.
9) I didn't talk until I was three years old, and I didn't like to be touched or handled. I also never sang or hummed or explored like a normal baby. But as soon as I started to talk, I was incredibly advanced for my age and I've been that way since.
10) I hardly ever watch TV. When I do, I'm watching the NFL.

[edit] Oops, forgot something super important so you guys get eleven facts! How lucky! ;)

11) I never want kids. I'd love to be married someday, but I've never had any desire to have children.

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I love crabbing!
I have reactive hypoglycemia
I'm almost 16 and can't drive yet
My birds are my best friends
I'm double jointed in my arms
I love gardening!
I've never had a cavity
If I run, I faint
I really hate scary movies
I wear Invisalign instead of braces

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1. I hate red/pink.
2. I like to draw but I'm not very good at it.
3. I'm dating my best friend. He is so amazing! :love:
4. I'm 11 years younger then my boyfriend.
5. I love history.
6. I LOVE Mexican food.
7. I'm left-handed.
8. I have an older sister who's shorter than me.
9. I'm the youngest grandkid.
10. I have a birthmark frosted blonde streak in my hair.

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great way to get to connect with people. ok here goes mine!

1. I was born in New Zealand and moved to australia by myself
2. Everything i buy seems to be lime green...
3. I love candles
4. My dream holiday is to be in the pacific islands with hot island boys serving me...ahhh
5. I love my hemi so much its crazy
6. most of my friends are 6-10 years older than me
7. Im a tomboy
8. I I love to swim as it helps me clear my head
9.swimming with dolphins was such a beautiful experience
10. Im a christian

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1. I'm left-handed.
2. I'm an artist and a writer.
3. I'm 20 years old.
4. Cats and butterflies used to be my favourite animals; now it's birds and moths.
5. I have two tattoos, both on my right forearm, and designed them myself. First one I got at 18 and second one at 19.
6. First parrot I ever wanted was a sulfur-crested cockatoo; I fell in love with a photo from the newspaper and have been parrot-crazy ever since.
7. My boyfriend is younger than me and I get the feeling people judge that alot, but we have such a strong connection that age is nothing more than a number to us.
8. I've been a cockatiel owner since October 2012 and have owned five in that time.
9. My hair has been every colour except green, and it is currently white-blonde which is my favourite.
10. I'm a shy, quiet person by nature but in recent years I've really come out of my shell.

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1, I am 21 years old
2, I have a BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design
3, I love to read, write and draw
4, I am a enthusiastic gamer
5, My hair is brown and my eyes green
6, My name means "Ewe" "Graceful" but I just say "Graceful sheep" and I'm the year of the goat :D
7, My first pets were some goldfish, one of them lived for about 6 years, My second pet was a rabbit named Rodney, that we rescued from being eaten (literally)
8, I am very needle phobic due to have arthritis(diagnosed when I was six) needles in my knee = PAINFUL
9, I am shy and would rather be with an animal than a person a lot of the time
10, I do voluntary work at different places and do fundraisers

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1. i have 3 kids ages as of 2013 are 10 yrs, 5 yrs, and 3 yrs
2. i love anything i can create in other words i am artistic
3. we would eventually like to have one more kid just not now
4. i home school my kids
5. i love taking pics of anything and everything
6. i like to read romance novels
7.i love plants but can only a certain ones inside but all i want outside
8.i have been married 7 yrs
9. i love fish tanks they are very calming
10. i love national geographic it is my favorite show

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I'm a little late to this brigade, anyway.

1. I love, love, love Doctor Who.
2. I'm a water-holic. I seriously feel like I cannot drink enough of it.
3. I'm a crocheter.
4. I have had almost every shade of hair color imaginable, but I love black the best.
5. I'm actually an excellent cook, I just prefer not to do all the dishes that come with manning the kitchen.
6. I have an insatiable hunger for lovely vocabulary.
7. I named my daughter after one of my favorite bands, "Coheed and Cambria" (Cambria)
8. I love oddities.
9. Speaking of oddities, I love David Bowie.
10. Labyrinth is my favorite movie, I can quote every word.

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1 im deaf
2 ive never been kissed
3 i was born 4 months early
4 i hate going to partys with my friends
5 i hate sport
6 i love to sleep in
7 my room is painted pink
8 i have 3 brothers
9 i want a horse
10 my only animal lover friends are you guys as i wont talk about my pets to my friends for fear of being told to shut up about them.
Just guessing but I would say if they tell you to shut up about your pets, there NOT your friends.

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Oh wow ten things! This will be fun!!
1. I have 2 kids both with different dads jake is 7 belle is 2.
2. I’ve always loved all animals so after school I went to college to study animal care and animal management.
3. I’m a stay at home Mum and a hobby breeder of aviary birds and tame cockatiels.
4. As I’ve got older I’ve realised I only have a handful of real friends which is abit depressing but it’s better than having loads of fake ones!
5. I’ve recently been practicing fake wounds/burns ect with liquid latex who knows maybe i’ll Be good enough to make it a part time job!
6. I hate mornings!!!
7. I love sleep but don’t like going to sleep early
8. I love to cook and bake
9. One day I would like to own a rainbow lorikeet or an eclectus! As well as a chow chow
10. I have a really short temper and crazy mood swings

That was way harder than I thought it would be!!!!
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