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Yeah..the title explains it all! :)

Ok, I'll go first. :blush:

1. I am obsessed with anything tropical
2. I make jewellry
3. I am obsessed with anything rainforest/african/tribal etc.
4. I am obsessed with Japanese things, plus anime
5. I am obsessed with water, I have fountains all over my house
6. I like Fred Ewanuick
7. I like nail polish!
8. I HATE phoning people!
9. I like art and drawing.
10. I like snowboarding.

So yeah.....thats all about me. Now, ten things no one wants to know about me...

Just kidding. ;)

So tell all about you! :p

2,791 Posts goes:-

1. I'm passionate about wildlife photography
2. I used to be a PA to two Directors
3. I used to be able to type at 98 wpm, don't know what the speed is now.
4. I had a brother who was a clown in the circus. Sadly, he died at the age of 38.
5. I've had a heart attack.
6. I like to collect a pebble from whenever we go to the seaside.
7. I manage to kill every plant that comes through the front door.
8. I am addicted to coffee. I drink about 20 cups a day.
9. I love all the Harry Potter books and films.
10. I love to go out to see live music.


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Wow this is really hard lol :p. Well here goes .........

1) I had 4 children in 4 years.
2) I hate anything to do with orange.
3) I do line dancing.(Trying to lose some weight)
4) I got married & passed my driving test within a month.
5) I used to work in a pet shop. (Spent my wages on my pets)
6) I holiday in the same place every year.
7) I want an African Grey parrot some day.
8) I love rock music.
9) My favourite film is Dirty Dancing.
10) I have always wanted to see the Titanic.

Go on have a go,you can't be as boring as me lol. :D

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Nice thread.
We have alot in common 1, 3, 5 and 9. My whole house is decorated in palm trees, bamboo, lions, african masks, statues and butterfly art, banana trees...My bathroom is all bamboo themed, kitchen is banana leaf themed, bedroom is tropical island themed and the living room is a mix of art collected from different sources. ANYWAYS, back to the topic!

Here particular order:

1. I'm a single child. My mother had twins when I was five, a girl and a boy but they died shortly after.
2. I'm from Romania and I hate the fact that all our family is there.
3. I don't really like the color purple at all.
4. I love driving-it relaxes me.
5. I really want to go to school and become a vet but $ doesn't allow that at the momement since I live by myself.
6. I have a slight case of ocd-everything must be in order and neat or it'll bother me!!!
7. I love living by myself.
8. I want to get married by the age of 30 and have two kids.
9. I always paint my toe nails a dark red color...
10. I never paint my finger nails anything besides clear-on certain occasions a french manicure.

I'm sure I could have come up with better things but that's all I could think off right now.

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My turn

1. I have 3 children I spaced them out 1 child every 6 years
2. I was born on my mothers birthday
3. I am a horror movie junky
4. I love reading Max Haines books
5. I am a clean freak
6. I have a daughter with mild pdd, and add
7. I have a son who thinks I am the best thing in the world :D
8. I met my husband at work
9. I have known my best friend for 30 of my 37 years
10. I don't like to fly

I just wanted to add with #1 I put I spaced them it was not a intentional or a planned thing it just happened that way.

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This is hard, hehe! :p

10. I dropped out of school in grade 9 because of social anxiety issues.
9. I've never been kissed, but REALLY wanna find a guy, hehe.
8. I used to do competitive linedancing
7. I've been bungy jumping.
6. When i was young i had a pet snail called Alice, every snail i found after that was also called Alice.
5. I am very shy, i hate being in crowds.
4. My mum is legally blind (some might know that already).
3. I hate travelling.
2. I've lived in the same house my entire life.
1. I never wear make up.

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I guess I will give this a go

1. I have a brother, He has a different Dad, but I consider him my full brother
2.Iam an Aunt, I have a niece and nephew
3. Iam terrible at math
4.I take photographs of many different people for a living
5.I love to sleep in
6. I have one friend I would consider a real friend, who I have known for 16 years.
7.I waited to do this post until more people posted on it, Iam shy.
8.When I was little I was so sick I could not move for a week.
9.I have never been out to a club.
10. I hate loud noises and won't go to a movie theater

Well now you know a bit more about me :)

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ok I'll give it a try:

1. I have two wonderful kids son age 15 and daughter age 12.
2. I've been married to my dream guy for 16 years.
3. I work as a CAD operator.
4. I love ice cream. Every kind.
5. I traveled to Colorado with our youth group over the summer where I did things like bungie jump. yikes
6. scarred of heights (problem when bungie jumping!)
7. Love coffee
8. Love seeing movies.
9. Have a friend in Netherlands and hope I can visit someday.
10. Love the Lord.

ok, who is next?:D

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1 im deaf
2 ive never been kissed
3 i was born 4 months early
4 i hate going to partys with my friends
5 i hate sport
6 i love to sleep in
7 my room is painted pink
8 i have 3 brothers
9 i want a horse
10 my only animal lover friends are you guys as i wont talk about my pets to my friends for fear of being told to shut up about them.

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Me to me to!

1. My fav color is PINK!
2. I am 27 yrs old
3. I was born in sunny California
4. I love photography
5. My kids are my world
6. Scrapbooking is one of my many addicitons
7. I think Jello and Hotdogs are nasty
8. I love chinese food
9. I think drama is stupid
10. I am always a bargin shopper!

Well I had more but I guess thoes will do..

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1. I just found out last night that we have The Simpsons season 8, even though apparently we've had it for over a year

2. Spoilers for stories I like make me want to severely hurt people

3. Well, maybe you can guess from my sig that I'm an Ace Attorney fan... but I preordered the fourth game in the series and I'm really excited about it. The main character (Apollo Justice) reminds me of a cockatiel with his cuteness and springy antenna hair, and the main prosecutor (Klavier Gavin) is a rock star who plays air guitar in court and punches the wall and uses German words, and there's a guy with a... questionable hairdo, and another guy who you'd swear was a girl because of his hair and his dress...

4. You probably just now figured out that I won't shut up about Ace Attorney. XD Well... also, I have two sets of The Adventures of Tintin DVDs; speaking of which, I still need to watch the moon episodes (and hope the spaceship has a bathroom now, since it didn't in the comic).

5. I'm a Christian, or at least I try to be, but I've just been badly scarred by certain events last year (6 family deaths)...

6. Back on a happier subject, um... I'm trying to fight my addiction to the same two Beauty and the Beast songs because I don't want to get tired of them

7. I'm finally almost done with the first Maximum Ride book and need to ask my sister where the second one is when she's home from school (unless I find it first)

8. I'm a huge fan of weird stories that you can explain to other people in a way that makes them go "o_O XD" ("These talking food items, the Aqua Teens, have this evil exercise machine, and it grows really big and destroys everything with its dancing, and it lays eggs...")

9. I have a teal hat with cat ears that I got at an anime convention and I frequently wear it when I go out somewhere

10. There's way too many Disney DVDs I want... Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Anastasia, The Jungle Book, the Aladdin trilogy, Cinderella... speaking of Disney DVDs, I kinda feel like watching Pinocchio.

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1.) I'm a single mom of 2 kids who are 7 and 10
2.) i love the paranormal world
3) My parent's technically aren't my parents - confusing long story lol
4) I love eating icing out of the can, raw cookie and cake dough
5) I've got more phobia's then I know what to do with
6) I was diagonsed with graves disease when i was 28 and the doctors were amazed some one so young had this problem, since it's normally found in the elderly women 60 yrs and older
7) I have a habbit of trying to take in all stray cats,dogs that come to my door if no one tells me NO then i keep doing it LOL
8) I'm born and bred Redneck - the dirtier i get the happier I am, but hey i clean up pretty darn good
9) currently i'm unemployed, and attempting to get the doctors to listen to me If i can't lift a 2 litter of pop with out my back,neck,shoulders and hip killing me there are some massive ISSUES where but they keep telling me i'm fine!
10) i'm hooked on birds , i swore i only wanted ONE bird and i've now lost count after 20 something

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Im almost sure I dont have 10 facts about myself that are at all interesting but I'll see what I can do :)

I was once stung by a jellyfish.
I can ice skate well.
I have been living upstairs in my house for the past 7 months due to been severely flooded in the worst English floods since 1953 with all my birds in 2 bedrooms.
Im a vegetarian.
My partner is 22 years older than me.
I will never marry unless Robbie Williams proposes :)
I eat jelly sweets almost constantly.
I would rather drive my old company van than my brand new car.
I would like a tortoise one day.
My fave foods are pizza, cheese and mushy peas :)

Woah I thought of 10 things :D

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One thing for sure, peoples inhibitions are less of a problem on the internet, which is great - although no one mentioned how old they were, not that its relevant, just an interesting fact. Is that because we have more ladies on here, lol

oh well, I suppose I am game for most things, I might as well give it a go!

1: I also find things must be in a certain way, or it bothers me. ocd.

2: I have been suffering from depression, financial problems, wifey problems, lol to name but a few. This 6 months ago I got some help

3: I hate my monobrow, have done for years; and this year I decided to get it fixed with LASER treatment.

4: My birds have really given me a boost, and I love them.

5: I have two lovely daughters 3 and 7, and a very understanding wife.
I love them too.

6: I am bit of a naughty boy, I hate convention, suits and false crapola

7: I am a very experienced motorcyclist.

8: I love gaming, on the pc the wii the xbox and the ps3!

9: I would like to emigrate

10: I love Motorsports and valentino rossi!
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