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I didn't know whether this belonged on a section about toys, or this one. However, since it's for the health of his beak as well as enrichment, it seems this is the best option!

Radar is an adult (between 2 and 5 years by rough estimation) rescue bird who barely knows how to be a bird. One of the symptoms of that is he has shown little to no interest in any kind of chewing toy (including cuttlebone). When I got him, he had to have his beak trimmed, and recently had to get it done again just yesterday. I'm hoping with it being newly short, and him being much more interested in things than a couple months ago, he'll hopefully start exploring things more. However, I'd love some ideas as to what those 'things' could be so he can self-condition his beak and not have to get vet treatment every couple months!

So far, he shows a lot of interest in ground foraging behaviour now that his beak's again short enough to allow it, so I've taken to sprinkling a little small seed (he's fed pellets only in his cage; seed is used as treats here) on top of a mineral+cuttlebone to use as a dish. He also absolutely loved when a little dampness got some pellets stuck to a towel I use for him to walk around on; he dilligently pried them up.

I have hopes that once he's gotten a taste for the 'cuttle dish', he may start to chew the one in his cage, but as of yet am unsure, and trying to use what I *know* he loves to do as a base for ideas. Are there any toys or tricks that might appeal to a ground forager like that that could help with his beak as well as give him entertainment and enrichment?
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