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Taming Bert and Ernie?

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Hi all. I've had Bert and Ernie in the avairy for about four weeks now and they seem pretty happy. They sometimes hide in the corner or fly over me when I go in there. I havn't needed to catch them yet and therefor have not done so. Ernie sometimes eats millet out of my hand, but Bert wont. They still hiss at me when I try and put my hand near them. My question is, do I catch them (with a net or my hands) and try and tame them, or let them be. I'm worried if I do catch them, they'll hate me :confused: I'd love them to sit on me when I go in, but am willing to be very patient and let it happen in its own time. If I need to take them to the vet, I'll obviously need to catch them, but don't want to do it often if it will work against our future relationship :blush: Any advice would be awsome. Thanks all. maesie xxx
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It's hard with an aviary since they don't have you around all the time so they consider you something strange. If possible, I'd spend some time in the aviary (homework, drawing, whatever) so they can get accustomed to seeing you and feel less threat. I would not use a net to catch them as that would freak them out more. Your hands would be fine. Clipping them is always an option but I'm not sure that's such a good idea with aviary birds.
Yup, the ussually follow eachother's lead.
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