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Taking cockatiels out of cage for the 1st time

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I have a pair of tiels Cupid and Psyche they are 8 moth old. They trust me enough to get on my palm or fingers to get treats. So how should I train them to take outside the cage? If so then should I leave them to explore my room outside their cage?
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You can let them out, but getting them BACK in might be a problem. Just leave the cage door open and feed & water them. Make sure they see you do it! Offer them treats if that doesn't work such as millet. If and when you do let them out, be SURE and keep a close eye on them as tiels love to explore.
I wouldn't worry about placing the cage on the floor but if there wings are clipped, ALL the more reason to keep a close eye on them as they have no defense to fly off should other pets ( dogs or cats ) decide to bother them,.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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