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stretches breeder

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:rolleyes:i just thought i would let you all no that stretch is one spoiled bird i bought 2 male budgies off of the breeder i got stretch from well as soon as she walked in the door he took off to her right away he never forgot who she was even after 6 weeks he was giving her kisses and nuggling up to her we put stretch on his play stand and no way he went right to her again after all she was the one who hand fed him till i got him so he does remember her
stretch loves to hang out on the door on the door there is a small ledge where the window is well if i let him he will sit there and watch the other birds at the 6 feeders i have he even tries to talk to them when the red headed wood peckers start at the suet he really perks up
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That's cute.Stretch is one smart little boy!
They sure are smart little birds, thats cute he remembers who raised him I guess its just something you don't forget ;) Ollie loves to sit at the patio doors and watch the birds as well its funny how they pick up the sounds of the other birds and imitate them.
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