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stretch teasing

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ok i would not think stretch would do this but today i had stretches activity center in front of the bay window there was a cat out there the cat darted for the window and stretch fluttered a little but stood his ground it looked like stretch was saying haha you can,t get me i brought him over some food and he still just stood on the perch looking out the window
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hehe..... mine love to sit and look outside as well, Ollie sits at the back door and talks to all the birds outside :) so far I haven't had to deal with any cats.
I think mine would poop themselves if they saw a cat. :p
well if you remember the neighbour wou came over and stretch would have nothing to do with him well he came back and stretch started squaking till he left so stretch in his own way was telling him he don,t like him
Stretch sounds like quite a little character. It does sound like he doesn't think much to your neighbour though. ;)
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