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stretch home

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hi all just to let you no that stretch is home the first place he went was right on by back he is use to other loud birds and kids but he will adjust
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That's great!! Be sure to post lots of pictures of Stretch in his new home!! :D
i need to go get a digital camera
ok just to update you since stretch has been out of his cage he don,t want to go back he loves sitting on my shoulder and head but i don,t let him stay on my head and he eats right out of my hand
Oh that is fantastic, I'm so pleased for you. You might just have to tempt him back into his cage with a bit of millet, that worked for Dooby for a while. Enjoy him and have lots of fun.
I'm so glad Stretch is home at last!! :D Let the tiel fun begin.
Like bea said. let the fun start. I know when my frist got home i had lots of fun. Having to go out to the mall in the rain for hand raising fourmla
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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