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no pics but thought you would like to have and update on stretch and sparkles stretch is still my favorite tiel as he was my very first he loves everyone except my one neighbour he really loves to preen your ear hairs but you have to be watchfull without notice he will screech at the top of his lungs wich he did to one friend of mine anyone comes over he takes off and lands on there shoulder he loves to suck up to everyone but if i go to the kitchen he is right there looking over your shoulder right in your eyes as if saying whats for dinner dad now sparkles i love her very much as well if anyone comes over she does the oposit she stays right with me i put her on anyone elses should she takes off and comes to me anyone goes to her she takes off she sure does love her preens ok maybe just one picture of the two of them that bea did as a sig
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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