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stretch and his swing

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thought this would make your day the swing stretch was not going near he know uses it as a perch as well as a swing he even sleeps on it at night time and plays with the beads on it as well he now knows that during the day if he wants food he has to go in the cage to eat he will go in and eat and come out i have a dog dish ontop of the cage with water in it he now gets in there splashes around and rolls in it
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That's great to hear-sounds like he's getting real comfortable- I'd love to see some pics of him bathing in the dish!
good to hear he is liking his swing, sounds like he is settling in nicely
My tiels hate swings, they've never used them really so i gave up putting them in the cage. :p I'm glad Stretch likes his though. :D I would also love to see him bathing in the dish, birds are adorable when they bathe.
Glad to hear Stretch is enjoying his swing at last! :D ;)
It sounds like Stretch has made himself well and truly at home. Like everybody else, I'd love to see some photos.
i have a cute little swing. Mine love to hop on it to make is swing bact and forth. Gotta love them. The budgies use to sleep on the swing aswell.
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