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Strange possibly broody behaviour, smelly poop

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Looking for some advice regarding my male Cockatiel.

Over the last 2 months, he's started doing some very strange behavior, in the day time he has been hiding under one of his perches and is very moody, and territorial if I go near his cage, and won't even let me stroke him like usual but he is still eating and drinking just fine If I open his cage to clean him out he will have a strop on for a minute but then hang around outside the cage, explore my room and won't be too bad but here's the weird bit, there are only 2 situations where he won't do this

1: If I take his cage downstairs to be with our African Grey where he will be his normal self, he won't hide away and will be very approachable, let you stroke him, etc, as soon as he's back in my room he hides away straight away again.

2: As soon as it's nearly bedtime and in my room, he will come up onto his perch, whistle away and again be very approachable and let you give him a fuss.

Also perhaps related his poop has been very smelly recently, sent off a faecal sample to be tested but they found no signs of anything wrong, his poop did stop smelling last week but is smelling again, test results below.

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