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Still LOST: Green Bay, WI. Cockatiel " Orlando", missing since
Mar/10/2008. Mostly gray, yellow face and orange cheeks. Very tame.
Whistles- Pop Goes The Weasel. If found, please contact 920-405-0424
or [sbeauleau (AT)] REWARD!

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More Info LOST: WI, Ashwaubenon (Green Bay), Cockatiel "Orlando" Mar 10.08

Re: lost cockatiel in Ashwaubenon, WI.

Name: Sheri Beauleau
Phone number: 920-405-0424
Email: [email protected] [sbeauleau (AT)]

Please add our information to your files if not already there.
Thank You

From: "sheribeauleau" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, March 23, 2008 6:23 pm
To: [email protected] .com

(12927) Cockatiel
Green Bay, Wisconsin . . . Orlando

Orlando is a gray cockatiel with white trim on the wings. He has yellow around his beak and orange cheeks. He is very tame and friendly. He whistles "Pop Goes The Weasel". He was lost in the Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin area. There is a reward for whoever finds Orlando and gets him back to us. [email protected]

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LOST: WI, Ashwaubenon (Green Bay), Cockatiel "Orlando" Mar.10,08

Lost Cockatiel GREEN BAY,WI
We lost a member of our family today (Mar-10-08). Our Cockatiel whose name is "Orlando" found a small opening as the door to outside was closing (it happened so fast). He just learned to fly so hopefully didn't go far. We live on Canterbury Ashwaubenon WI. He has a gray body with white trim on his wings,orange patches on his cheeks and bright yellow feathers by his beak.He likes to sing (pop goes the Weasle). If you see or hear him please contact us at
(920)405-0424 there is a reward to the one who helps Orlando find his way home.

[email protected] <mpfister (AT)>

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