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STILL SEARCHING - White Faced Cockatiel (Huffmeister & Hwy 6)

Reply to: [email protected] craigslist. org
[comm-733048165 (AT)]
Date: 2008-06-26, 2:16AM CDT

Male; White Faced Cockatiel; NOT banded or microchipped;
not particularly friendly and may nip or act in defensive manner
(he became attached to our Conure and was very protective - this
is common when two or more birds are caged together); GRAY AND
not "speak" actual words, but may play "peek-a-boo" and will whistle
the phrase - it is pretty clear what he is histling because of the tone he uses; went missing 2/25/2008. IMPORTANT: If you have found him
or seen him, (even if he did not survive) OR if he has been placed in
a new and good home, PLEASE let us know. We just want to know
that he is safe, happy and being loved and cared for. We are not
interested in disturbing whatever wonderful new home he may have
unless his owner(s) or foster parent(s) are searching for US.

Location: Huffmeister & Hwy 6
PostingID: 733048165

http://houston. craigslist. org/laf/73304816 5.html

**xposted by Retta 911PA volunteer**

911PA Previous Message #39274
Still LOST: TX, Houston, Whitefaced Cockatiel "Shadow", Feb.25.08

* Name: Shadow
* Breed: White Faced Cockatiel
* Color(s): Grey and White ONLY - No other colors at all
* Gender: Male, as told from an exam by a Veterinarian (this is NOT
based on DNA testing)
* Age: 3-4 years approximately
* Microchipped? NO
* Banded? NO
* Friendly? He is not mean, but he is not friendly either. He is somewhat skittish.
* Physical Deformaties? NO
* Identifiable Markings? Maybe some greenish staining on his tail
feathers unless he's molted and grown new feathers.
* Photo available in 911ParrotAlert Album http://tinyurl. com/2pu374.

* Last Known Location: At midnight, February 25, we found Shadow in a
tree on Huffmeister Road. He was spooked by our flashlights and flew
Southwest into the neighborhood towards Angeleas Meadows Lane. Since
then, we have heard him on several occasions but have not spotted him.

* Other Information: Shadow is not very friendly and might nip if
picked up. He loves to chew on "shiny" things like jewelry. His beak
is sharp and he might damage any jewelry he comes in contact with. He
prefers females to males and is very skittish. If you spot him,
please contact me immediately prior to attempting to capture him, if
possible. His "scream" is quite loud and is similar to some local birds, but in a lower tone. He does not sing and does not like to be alone. We do believe he is still in the area since we believe we have heard him on several occasions. He may have moved West of the neighborhood, West of Heatherbank Drive.

Contact Information:
Email: Please reply via 911ParrotAlert
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