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Still Lost-Cockatiel
Reply to: [email protected] craigslist. org
<comm-715521712( at)craigslist. org>
Date: 2008-June-10, 9:24PM CDT

My cockatiel is still gone. If you think you might have found him
please let me know. I miss him so much! He's got a yellow head with
orange cheeks, light gray and white body. Young with no band. He
talks. Most of the things he says you wouldn't know but I do, He does
say "pretty bird" and "What cha doing" a lot. I'm heart broken he's
been gone a while now. I live in the Whitetail Subdivision in
Georgetown off Leander Rd. Thank you to everyone that checks these
ads and that have already contacted me. It's great to know there are
people trying to help!

Xposted from austin
by 911PA volunteer

Please DO NOT click reply. Respond through email address posted
above. THANKS!!!

************ ******
See 911PA message #39420
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