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Still LOST: TX, Austin, Cockatiel, "Bing", July 01, 07
Posted by: "sondra.raines" [email protected] sondra.raines
Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:17 pm (PST)
LOST cocatiel desperately missed
Reply to: [email protected] <jungandhorney(at)>
Date: 2008-Feb-26, 11:21AM CST

Bing, my sweet baby boy, accidentally got out and flew away back in
July from my NW Austin apartment. He could have flown into Cedar Park
or gone south into Austin. I know it's been a while and this is a
long shot but I still cry and my heart continues to break because I
miss him so very much!! My home just has not been the same since he
has been gone. He whistled very well and even whistled "Whistle while
you work," but never could finish the song. He is a very friendly,
sweet bird who would loved it when I would pet him behind his head.
Bing even would sit on the shower curtain rod when I was taking a
shower. He would not get in the water but would whistle with me. If
you have ANY information or know what happened to Bing, please,
please, please call me at 512-565-5355. If you have him, please let
me know. I will gladly reimburse you for any expenses and pay a
reward for his return.

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