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Rose is still lost as of May 15, 2008.

Below is the original post and the Craigslist add. The owners said
that the had color may change because they had a couple that changed
after a couple of months. The longer she is gone the more concerned
this might happen and therefore might not recognize her as well as
she will be easily spooked and act like a wild bird given her young

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Country: USA
State: PA
City: Library (South Park)
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: Mostly Grey
Name of Bird: Rose
Date Lost: 19 April, 2008, Saturday
Location Lost (streets): Washington Ave , Pleasant Street
Zip Code Lost: 15129
Age: 2.5 months
Sex: Female
Banded?: No
Distinguishing Characteristics: White along edges of wings, White &
yellow spot on back of yellowish grey head, thin wavy yellow lines on
back and tail.
Owner Name: Rob Apel
Owner Phone: (412) 956-4901
Owner Email: rob.apel (AT)
Comments: Breeders were very hands off. Just over 2 months when I got
her and I only had her for a week so she is not accustomed to people
or even me. She will fuss and bite if grabbed.

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LOST: PA, Library/South Park (Pittsburgh) , Grey Cockatiel, Apr19,08

Reply to: comm-653229199 (AT)
Date: 2008-Apr-23, 12:01PM

Since Saturday, 19 April.

Mostly grey. White along edges of wings. Yellowish grey head with a
white/yellow spot on back of head. Wavy yellow lines on back and
tail. Currently has only one tail feather.

She is only 2.5 months old and I only had her for just over 7 days.
The breeders were not hands on either. She isn't use to me or too
comfortable with people yet. She will bite if she is grabbed. Nets
work better. Don't feel you need to catch her though. Please call
Rob at (412) 956-4901 if seen.

Location: Library South Park
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