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Lost Cockatiel
Reply to: [email protected] craigslist. org
[comm-739217548 (AT)]
Date: 2008-July-01, 12:26PM

Lost June-22-2008 near Mississippi River on border of Elk River and
Ramsey. Male Cockatiel, White, gray, black and yellow. Band on left
leg. Wolf whistles. Very tame.

Location: Ramsey, MN near Mississippi

Original URL: http://minneapolis. craigslist. org/laf/73921754 8.html

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More info LOST: MN, Ramsey, Cockatiel "Sammy" (banded), June 22.08

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Country: USA
State: Minnesota
City: Ramsey
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: gray, white, yellow, black
Name of Bird: Sammy
Date Lost: 6-22-08
Location Lost (streets): Bowers Drive/Hwy 10
Zip Code Lost: 55303
Age: 10 months
Sex: M
Banded?: Yes, red
Microchipped? : N
Common Saying: whistles parts of `Country Gardens'
Distinguishing Characteristics: yellow tail feathers with
black `arrows'
Medical Issues: none
Reward?: $200
Owner Name: Laurel Anderson
Owner Phone: 763-572-3628 W
Owner Email: [email protected] us
AndersonL(AT) ci.fridley.
Comments: Very tame; likes to have his head scratched;
wing feathers are now more solid white

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Lost MN, Ramsey Cockatiel "Sammy" June 22.08

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(13454) Cockatiel

Ramsey, Minnesota . . . Sammy

June 22. 2008

Sammy is a gray, black, white and yellow Cockatiel, not
quite a year old. His tail feathers are yellow and black,
and his wings have a lot of white. He's a male, but his
cheeks are a pale orange. He is very tame and whistles a
few tunes. There's a red band on his left leg. He flew away
near the Mississippi River in Ramsey, MN. His buddy Arlo
really misses him. And so do I. If you see him, please call
me at 763-572- 3628 or email me at anderson[email protected] us.

andersonl(AT) ci.fridley.
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