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Still LOST: MI, Sterling Hgts, Cockatiel "Wind in his Hair" Feb 2.08
Posted by: "[email protected]" [email protected] paytiedaisy
Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:43 pm (PST)
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(12787) Pearl Male Cockatiel

Sterling Hgts/Utica/Vandyke/19 Mile Rd, Michigan . . . Wind In His Hair

Feb 2 2008

Wind is a Pearl, multi Colored Cockatiel,possibly Male,tries to talk, whistles a lot, has a distinct call when distressed, lonely, upset. One Year Old, regular
size/weight at disappearance,on Special Diet,prone to Upper Respiratory Illness, was beginning to Pluck near his shoulders,but we were able to get him to stop with diet. May cry when he preens near shoulders. Responds to Men well, bows head to be pet, or rubs head on hands, does not bite,very tame. Asking any one in vicinity of fifty miles to place a cage on their porch with birdseed, boiled eggs cut to show yolk,pellets,fresh fennel,veggies,sprouts from grains or veggies. Reward.586.323.2417;586.759.0189 Brian;248.307.0482, Denise
586.443.0189, Kris
[email protected] (denise_landrum (AT)

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Pic, LOST: MI, Sterling Heights, Pearl Cockatiel "WindInHisHair" Feb.02.08

**See Wind's pic in the 911PA photo album (MI-Lost) at this

Hi, this is concerning Wind the lost 'Tiel from Sterling Heights. My daughter
snapped this pic three days ago when Wind was wet from shower, and a little mad.
Thanks Rowan, Sad Humans And Sad FIDS

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LOST: MI, Sterling Heights, Pearl Cockatiel "WindInHisHair" Feb.02.08

Country: USA
State: Michigan
City: Sterling Heights
Breed: Pearl Cockateil
Color: Pearl white and grey, slight yellow within the pearl markings
near shoulders/neck, yellow comb with black, and black on wings very
visible when at rest. Grey chest, pearl markings there fading, yellow
tail feathers.
Name: WindInHisHair, Wind or Birdy for short.
Date Lost: Feb-02-2008,9:30 AM
Location Lost: Sterling Heights in the Sterling Estates Mobile Home Park
Zip Code: 48314
Age: Just turned One Year Old
Sex: Believed to be Male
Banded: No
Microchip: No
Common Saying: Birdie, birdie or Wind...Daddys home...wheres Daddy? are
you hungry? Can say something close to these himself, sounds like he is
saying Birdie, Birdie, or daddy? over and over.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Other than the Pearl Markings, is very
tame and does not fear people,overtly;Probably can be lured by foods
such as hard boiled eggs, fresh fennel, whole grains I would place them
in a white bowl or plate. Likes the Eagles music, Love Will Keep Us
Alive is favorite. Makes high pitched distress 'call' when lonely or
upset, head turning.
Medical Issues: Possible upper respiratory, was getting over begging to
pluck on top of shoulders, without his special diet may cry when he
preens. Under Vets Care.
Reward: $100
Owner Name: Denise and Brian Landrum
E-Mail: denise_landrum (AT) or brianlandrum2 (AT)
Comments: He escaped through our storm door while I was leaving for
work, and he was calling for a few minutes, getting farther away by the
second, I could not get a sight on him, I am afraid he may have been
hurt by door as well, but unsure. Then, nothing at all from him we
although we are still searching...

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Subject: Lost Cockateil
From: Denise Landrum <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, February 03, 2008 9:14 am
To: [email protected]

Lost: Sterling Heights,MI-Utica/VanDyke on Feb-02-2008

Lost Cockateil, in Sterling Heights, Sterling Estates near Charlemagne in Mobile Home Park. Male,Pearl with black, white, grey, slight yellow near neck/shoulders, black at end of wings,yellow/black comb. On Special Diet, ill when escaped, we are beside ourselves because it is so cold, too. He likes Hard-boiled eggs, fresh fennel, seeds/pellets in bowls, even whole grains or bread. If some of our neighbors could place some of these food items out for the next couple of days, we would appreciate it, please look around your yards in bushes, trees, high up or warm places as you go about yourday for us, thank you.He responds to 'Wind', or 'Birdie', and is very tame, knows step-up. He escaped by following me out as the screen door slammed to where he had no choice but to go out, and got lost. He has a call like a child in distress, very remarkable and high-pitched, he will sound as if he is in pain if upset, lonely, etc. Reward Offered.

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Birds/Items Lost: Cockateil, Feb/02/08, lost: Sterling Heights,MI-

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