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Lost: Rising Sun/Colora area Maryland on 4/29/08

My baby is still missing he has been listed on
birdhotline, and birdmart before as well as 911parrotalert,
Heckel is a normal grey male cockatiel with yellow head
and orange cheeks, he has a yellow crest on his head and
white on the wings near the edges. Please if you know
someone who found a cocktiel last summer in the area let
me know. I miss him so much and have not stopped looking.
I got his twin back but not him and I wish to have him
home again.

Thanks Nikki

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Birds/Items Lost: Cockatiel , 4/29/08, lost: Rising Sun/Colora area

http://tinyurl. com/5frzkr

**xposted by Retta 911PA volunteer**

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Still LOST: MD, Cecil Cnty, Cockatiel "Heckel", May 27.07

Lost Cockatiel
Reply to: [email protected] ...
[comm-618954633 (AT)craigslist. org]
Date: 2008-March-26, 1:25AM

Lost and still searching for him he is mine and my son's special
family member, and is missed very much, we still feel someone has
found him anytime since his disappearance and now he was fully
flighted and could have wound up anywhere during this time we would
love to have him returned home and are offering a reward for his
return. He is a normal grey cockatiel male with white near the edges
of the wings, a yellow head with orange cheek patches and some small
white near the orange patches, a yellow crest on the top of his head.
See the pictures, please excuse the quality of the pictures they were
taken at night with lights on and an older 35mm camera not a digital
was used. Thanks for any Help.

Location: MD, DE, PA borders
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial

Original URL: http://philadelphia .craigslist. org/laf/61895463 3.html

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Still LOST: MD, Cecil Cnty, Cockatiel "Heckel", May 27.07

Heckel is still missing and we are still searching and hoping, it is a
possibility that he was found in NE Philadelphia Pa area back in July
of 2007 the finder only looked locally for the owner and then he managed to escape from them September 27th 2007, so hopefully someone else has taken him in and will read the lost and found ads for birds.

Heckel is a normal grey cockatiel with white on edges of wings,
orange cheek patches yellow head with some small amounts of white and yellow crest that has some grey towards the tips. Pink feet, dark nails, and no band. Please contact featheredfriend (AT) zoominternet. net if found or spotted or if you know someone
who has found a bird that sounds like it could be Heckel. Missing
from the area of Maryland by the Pa, Md, and De borders 1 hr south of Philly and Wilmington so he could have flown anywhere near there or other places. His picture is in the Maryland photo album on this website.

**See Heckel's pic in the 911PA photo album (MD-Lost) at
this link: http://tinyurl. com/2zbjy3


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Still Lost: MD, Colora- Cockatiel "Heckel" May 27.07

Oxford, PA
[email protected] ...
[featheredfriend AT zoominternet. net]
Name: Heckel
Heckel is a normal grey cockatiel with white on his wing edges,
yellow and grey head with some white markings, and orange cheeks, he
has a grey crest on his head with yellow in it I do not know if he
is banded he didn't like to be held down so I didn't fool with it.
He has certain calls and behaviors I will know. He is approximately
13 years old but looks much younger 4-8 yrs. He may be in the trees
near your home calling out, call his name he may come to you or need
you to go to him and coax him down, (he likes pizza, cooked
macaroni, bread,). A reward is offered for his return any and all
help is appreciated, tell your neighbors and friends to keep an eye
out for him. He is a wonderful buddy and we miss him so much his
buddy an african grey called his name out for 2&1/2 hrs yesterday.

xposted July 2. 07 ID#1413435

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