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Posted by: "dshore95" [email protected] dshore95
Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:04 am (PDT)
**See Lancelot's pic in the 911PA photo album (CA-Lost) at
this link:

**See Makara's pic in the 911PA photo album (CA-Lost) at this


my birds are still missing (san jose south)

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2008-06-21, 9:44PM PDT

I lost two cockatiels 6 weeks ago when my child accidentally left
the aviary door open. I had ads and posters everywhere. I looked
at so many found birds and none of them turned out to be mine.
I kinda gave up hope for awhile. It has been 6 weeks and I do not
think that they would survive that long. I refuse to believe something
bad happened to them, so my next hope is that someone has them and
is taking good care of them. I decide to try and post another ad.

The first is my girl "Makara". She has been a big part of our family for 8 years. She is older than my son who has never known life without her. We miss her so much. If someone sees this ad and has her, PLEASE call even if its anonymous just to tell me she's okay so I can stop crying for her. She is a sweet quiet bird. She is timid in demeanor, but weary of strangers. She has a grey streak in the yellow area above her right eye. Her wings are very spotted. I will include her picture. Please help us.

The second is my boy "Lancelot". He has been in the family for one year. He is not tame. He is a loud whistler and does the wolf whistle and a few that are distinct to him. He makes a series of whistles that sound kinda like tooka-tooka-tooka-tooka-too-too-too. I kow it seems strange but I can mimick it for you if you think you have him. He is the standard dark grey body, white stripes on the edge of his wings, yellow head, and orange cheeks. Please call if you have ANY info about my birds. I am heart sick with them gone. Thanks for your help.

City: San Jose
Breed: Cockatiel
Color: yellow, orange, and grey
Name of Bird: Makara
Date Lost: Apr/23/08
Location Lost (streets): Branham Ln and Monterey Rd
Zip Code Lost:95111
Age: 8
Sex: female
Banded?: no
Microchipped?: no
Common Saying: none
Distinguishing Characteristics: grey streak above one eye
Medical Issues: none
Reward?: yes
Owner Name: jennifer
Owner Phone: (408)561-9561
Owner Email: eclectuslvr (AT)
Comments:My children and I have raised her from a baby...please help

See 911PA Messages: 39860, 39238, 38872, 38817, 39509,
39450, 38988
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