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Cockatiel lost in East Sacramento (48th and J Streets)
Reply to: comm-666711373 [AT]
Date: 2008-May-03, 4:48PM PDT

My 16 year old male cockatiel escaped on April 28 from our East Sac
home. Someone called and said they saw him on V or B Streets. (They
did not leave a number) He will answer you if you say his name "Lucky
Bird" and do a "wolf whistle". He will fly to your shoulder. Please
keep an eye out. We miss our "Lucky Bird."
Call 747-0800 or email me.

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More info LOST: CA, Sacramento, Grey Cockatiel "Lucky Bird", Apr.28.08

Country: USA
State: California
City: Sacramento
Breed: cockatiel
Color:gray, white, yellow head
Name of Bird: Lucky Bird
Date Lost: April 28, 2008
Location Lost (streets): J and 48th Streets
Zip Code Lost: 95819
Age: 16 - 20 years old
Sex: M
Banded?: no
Microchipped?: no
Common Saying: Lucky Bird, a wolf whistle
Distinguishing Characteristics: none
Medical Issues: none
Reward?: $100
Owner Name: Diane
Owner Phone: 916-747-0800
Owner Email: dwilde09 (AT)
Comments: We really miss our old friend. We found him 16 years ago
walking up the sidewalk and he has been with us ever since.

Subject: lost cockatiel
From: wolfe design marketing <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Apr 29, 2008 2:23 pm
To: [email protected]

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LOST: CA, Sacramento - Cockatiel "Lucky Bird" - Apr 28.08
Reply to: comm-660103534 (AT)
Date: 2008-Apr-28, 5:37PM PDT

My 16 year old male cockatiel escaped our house on April 28, 2008.
He is named "Lucky Bird" and will often say his name. We are in the
East Sac area around 48th and J/H streets. He is friendly and may
land on your shoulder and say his name.

He is much loved and we would love to bring him home.

You can contact me at 916-747-0800.
xposted fr Craigs List by 911PA Volunteer
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