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Starting to wean...

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Chiclet seems to be starting to wean herself now. She has found the millet spray in her cage. She can crack it open and eat it now. I held up her pellets and she took one of them and played with it in her mouth. She's on her way!
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good to hear she is doing well :) she's on her way to becoming a big girl ;)
I am going to try to get to the grocery store this week and get some mixed veggies for her to try. Or should I wait on that until she is fully weaned onto her pellets?
I would try giving her the soft veggies they will be easier to eat she might just pick at them the first couple times but she will quickly get it, are you giving her soaked pellets? You don't have to wait till she is fully weaned onto the pellets you can offer both :)
No I am not soaking them. I just have them in a little dish that she can pick from if she chooses. I should probably add a dish of water now too.
Its up to you but it would probably be easier for her to eat at this age if you soaked them a little bit then once she is perching you can just put them in her dish.
I would be putting EVERYTHING in her cage now. A little bit of millet, a bit of seed, some pellets, maybe some dry cheerios (cereal), a little popcorn, try her on tons of different veggies, etc. Now is the time she'll be most adventurous with new foods, so take advantage of it. :D
Good to hear- try some steamed veggies as well.
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