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Spike hurt his foot

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Spike decided to jump on my key board. His toe got stuck :( And he scraped the skin on one toe :eek: It is not bleeding but it is a good bit of skin scraped up :( Do you think it should heal ok? Or does he need some antibiotic cream for it from the vet? He is making little pain noises :( I put him on the floor to make sure he could walk ok. So I don't think he broke any toes. Should I just wait a few days to see how he is? Right now he is preening in his cage.
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Glad to hear that Spike is doing better.

Maybe it was more the trauma than anything else?

I hope he has a better week.
Maybe the Neosporin like Aly suggested would help.

Poor little guy.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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