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Hi everybody,
I was wondering if anybody has any good recipes for sour crop/crop stasis or any preventative measures that would help prevent this issue. I do maintain a clean environment when hand feeding, correct temperature and brooder temp, However, my last clutch of cockatiels gave me a run for my money. They were day one feeds as the parents stopped sitting about a week before they were due to hatch. They were first time parents, so I did incubate the eggs, Everything was going great until they reached about 2- 2.5 weeks of age and then I started to have crop issues. Sadly, I lost one baby, the others are doing ok now, but it has been a struggle. I do use crop milk for day one babies and with these little ones, I have used pedialyte, gut health probiotics for birds, ACV, applesauce and papaya seeds. Not all at once, but just to give an idea of what I know to try when things start to go bad. I wasn't sure if anybody had any other suggestions.
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