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hello everyone! i’m new to posting on these forums and I just bought a beautiful cockatiel yesterday from a family which had lots of breeder pairs. My cockatiel, Ash is 10 weeks old and from bringing him in i am just concerned about some things and i’m not so sure what to do next.

Ash spent 2-3 hours last night sitting at the bottom right corner of my cage away from me. hisses whenever i walk by. after the 3 hours Ash tried to bite the cage and climb to the top. which he eventually kept falling down onto the other perches.

this morning I woke up to the same shyness. assuming he was asleep. after leaving the room for a few minutes I came back to him biting at the cage and trying to fly/climb up but he keeps sliding down i’m worried for him since he can’t really climb up to the top of the cage easily and has spent most of the day biting at my cage and attempting at climbing up. please help I really want the best for this bird and the ant it to be able to trust me eventually
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