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Hello All,

I'm a U.S. citizen retired in the Dominican Republic. 48 hours ago I brought home a juvenile male tiel whom i have housed in a large wheeled parrot cage. The bird seems very healthy. Here are some NOOB questions. (I have already checked "stickies," read a book, etc.)
a. For the moment, I am keeping cats away with spray bottles. The danger is trauma due to the flight response when the bird is in a cage. However, I have noticed some lessening of fear from the bird when a cat is near and less interest on the part of my cats. Meanwhile, the tiel is sequestered in a separate room when we are out or at night. In your experience, can they accommodate in time? And any hints?
b. Where do tiels like to be touched, if anywhere? Where do they not like to be touched? Do lhey like their beaks rubbed when poked through the cage bars?
c. Finger training the same as with a budgie?
d. I take warfarin and can bleed profusely. How susceptible is a bite to bleeding?
e. Explain hissing.
f. Our bird sleeps in our room. Cover the cage at night or just let the bird go to sleep when we do?
g. Cutting nails? Really necessary? I will not cut any wing feathers as I expect him to learn and enjoy flight in a safe room some months from now when we've established a good connection.

Thank you!

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