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Hello, so I have 2 22 year old cockatiels, one has always been healthy and problem 3, the other one Alvin however has had 2 what is beleived to be bacterial infections that got quite bad in the last 9 months, making his nose quite enlarged.

I've sensed something a little bit off with hise nose recently, the last few months it would flare up red but then go back to normal collour, get very dry and change shape, but it's always been a good size and there was only a little bit of clear fluid every now and then which I understand to be normal. However, I have been keeping a super eagle eye on it as if it ever happens again, I want to catch it before it blocks his nose.

However in the last 4 days there have been 2 instancesm and within a week or so 3 that I have noticed where he has large amounts of fluid in his nose, it does seem thin but his nare and cere were both very wet on both occasions. Today it's happened after he scratched his nose to clean it. Often it is a dry sneeze but this time it is not, there is a lot of thin liquid shining in the light on his cere and nare, it did dry fairly quicker, 4 days apart seems too frequent to me however. His cere is actually it's normal size and colour and is not red or angry looking whatsoever.
Unfortunately they are in an environment with smokers who do open a window but refuse to open a room, this has been the case since we got them and it is winter in the UK now and has become very cold.

This is where my dilemma comes, my vet is generally very good, however I had a nose swab once doen when he had a clear infection and it came back "normal", the vets response is always anti biotics and no idea why it keeps happening (we keep their cages very clean and use f10 solution now too). I got him to send me some Karidox solution a few months ago, when I had suspcisions it may develop into something. That was prescribed on the 28th of August, the vet has said previously it should be ok for 3 or so months and we have not opened it since it arrived.

So my question is this, one do people agree the shelf life of the Karidox solution should be fine as its been just over 2 months? Secondly does this large amount of clear thin liquid in 4 days sound like enough to put them on the anti biotics? I am very paranoid about constantly giving him anti biotics and it's only been 3 months since he was last on them. So I don't ideally want to put him on them unless it is 100% necessary. I have a feeling I will check his nose tomorrow and it will be clear, can be looked down and will not be red, but the amount of liquid has me second guessing.

I have attatched a picture of his nose, it does not have the liquid in it but it gives you an idea of what it currently looks like. It has always been slightly larger than the left one since he's had it cleaned out a few times.


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