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Why does Dooby bite my hands?

This is a video I made today, please excuse the state of me.....just watch Dooby. LOL.

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i agree with the not pulling away part (even know i know how much it hurts, to get bit) but they know they're intimidating you , and in return they "win" (my quaker does it all the time) to them intimidating people is a big game. and they more or less "get their jollies" off by intimidating you (and others)

I know with my quaker he does, If i(or guests, or my kids) walk by he'll lung at us like he's going to bite, and then sits there and Laughs his behind of (and he'll get into it big time with his laughing) Lately I've just been ignoring it all together, if he lunges at me I just keep walking by like I didn't even notice he did anything (my b/f will tell him NO that's bad if he's on his leg, shoulder, arm etc.) I told my b/f Don't say nothing to him and just ignore it all together he'll get "bored" when he realizes it doesn't bother any one any more (but to get my b/f to listen is like talking to a brick wall lol)

I know i can't get billy to step up on a hand held perch he freaks out and takes off flying frantically (same happens if you get a box near him plus he growls at it)

The only thing i can suggest (and this is going to hurt allot no doubt) is when you want him to step up off of you and he bites or trys to bite Tell him NO firmly and Remove him (gently but forcefully) if that makes sense
no "mrs. nice mom" just pick him up and place him some where else, even if it's on a portable perch or on a chair back, or even on top of his cage and then Ignore him for a few mins. - it's more or less a Birdy Time Out
of course it won't work over night - my b.f has been doing this with Billy for several months, when he's bieng really mean he'll sit him on the floor or the couch and just ignore him, Billy will climb up the couch up my b/fs leg on to his leg or shoulder and start giving him kisses and saying "aww, kiss kiss" but my b/f holds his grounds and ignores it - normally no more then 2 mins at the most then Trys again and if he's still being mean and nasty it's done all over again

I hope soon Dooby straightens up and flies right
but it must truly be something in the air, Roxy hit 6 months old and became a terror with high hormones I had to separate her and Puglsey because every time I turned my back (or even if i was looking right at them) they were trying to mate :eek:
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