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Why does Dooby bite my hands?

This is a video I made today, please excuse the state of me.....just watch Dooby. LOL.

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To me it looks like he is showing you who is the dominant one being HIM, he did not want to be removed and he is letting you know by biting, the only thing I can say is and don't bite my head off because I know he bites hard do not pull your hand back like that when he goes to bite you he has learned that when he does that you will pull away and not make him do it, I suspect thats why he does it, it all boils down to behavior he is learning he can get his own way by biting and its becoming a nasty habit now, I bite and she won't remove me I would get out a perch and when you want to remove him use it so that he knows when you say its time to come off it happens and hopefully once he realizes that you will follow through you can re introduce your hands. Don't know if its going to be helpful for you but those are just my opinions :)
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When I first got Georgie being my first I was a little nervous, she would hiss and fake bit at me all the time when I went to get her to step up, she would purposely fly to my head so that I wouldn't reach her and when I would put my hand up to get her she would flip right out and bite me so I know what your saying about freaking out, I just kept at it and used a perch to get her down to save my hands, now thankfully she doesn't do it anymore she learned that it was not going to work on me, she still to this day fake bites at me when I tell her to step up but the difference is she knows my hand is not leaving so she does it.
Oh now, obviously very early days, but I went for it. Dooby didn't know what hit him (not literally of course) I just stuck my hand in the cage and made him get up. He flapped and fussed, lunged and bit, but I just stuck it out. I guess it must have taken about five minutes of me pushing my hand at him and making him step up, before he did it without a fuss! I gritted my teeth when he bit and didn't give in. I can see it's going to work, I can also see how wrong I was being scared of his bites. Yes, they hurt and yes he has drawn blood, but now it seems that he doesn't really want to bite that hard and if I just "go for it" he is respecting that. So, I'll definitely keep it up. I really don't want Daisy to go the same way, so that's why now I am so determined to do this. Thank you all for your advice. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
Good for you :clap: I am so proud of you for taking the bull by the horns and sticking it out :p I find to they don't "really" want to bite its just a way for them to try and show YOU who is the boss he will learn very quickly who the boss is now and won't feel the need to bite as much once he knows your confident and not going away.
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