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Why does Dooby bite my hands?

This is a video I made today, please excuse the state of me.....just watch Dooby. LOL.

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For me I would not do anymore tickle tickles after he tries to bite. Also Iam not sure if you did it just for the video but I would not talk to him after he bites asking why ect. It may act as a drama reward for him. I think biting is the way he gets what he wants because HE is the flock leader after all ;) I read about cockatoos that you must play games with them and not just cuddle. Iam sure this may be true for cockatiels as well, since they are cousins to the cockatoos. They said to much cuddles can lead to biting :eek: I know I use to just give Spike lots of cuddles when he was out. I still do but now we also dance and play peekaboo. Sounds silly but he loves it. Hope this helps :)
Thats great :D Sounds like the old Dooby with be back in no time :)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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