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Slight tail bob

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Hi again, I just wanted to get some advice on whether I should take my cockatiel back to the vet or not. I took her in last week on Wednesday because she was sniffling and had a very small tail bob. I can’t remember exactly what the vet said, I think she said she was just slightly congested. She said she could test her but that if I bought a heat lamp, most of the time it goes away on its own. She advised that I leave it on 24/7 for four days. I heard some light bulbs have Teflon but I couldn’t get ahold of the manufacturer until yesterday. So it’s only been on since then. But her droppings have gotten really watery. She sits by the heat lamp with with eyes closed and the tail bob is back when it’s on. Could it just be from the heat? I don’t know if I should take her back to be tested because it’s gotten worse? What do you guys think?
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Did you take her to an avian vet (one that is trained to specialize in birds)? If not, I would definitely find one because they know what to look for. In any event, if she is still acting congested or listless, I would take her back ASAP. When a bird gets sick, it can go from minor to critical so very quickly that I never mess around and wait to see if it gets better, I head for the vet the same day I notice a problem.
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