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Reason is a lutino cockatiel that I've owned for almost two months. I adopted him from a reputable breeder. He is tame when I bought him. I checked him with a reputable bird vet right after purchase, and he showed no signs of illness. It is still true to this day, save for a slight behavioral change.

Diet consists of a mix of seeds, grains of rice and various bird-safe veggies. He spends most of his active time outside of the cage, excepting his sleeping time (7.30 P.m to 6.30 A.m) and rare occasions when I needed to complete a task without interruptions.

Usually, Reason would always be overjoyed when I opened his cage cover each morning, and screeches loudly to wake me up without fail. However, beginning from yesterday, he has stopped doing that, and has no longer been excited when I came to release him, only stepping up after I've offered my hand to the perch in his cage he was on.

I'm slightly worried, but I'm still on edge whether I should take him to the vet just yet. Today is Friday in Indonesia, and bird vet won't be available during weekends.

Conversely, there have been no other signs of illness, weight measurement is constant for the past few weeks, excepting this week's measurement where he gained 5 grams (another potential problem?). Other than that, the only other thing I noticed was that he has been demanding slightly more attention than usual for the past few days, but that shouldn't be of any concern, right?

Reason has been my first experience with cockatiels and birds in general. There's still much for me to learn, so I hope I can gain some useful bits of advice from this forum. Thanks!


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