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since moving jojo he has his crop up almost all the time

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since moving jojo he has his crest up almost all the time

i know if the crest is up it means they are worried, i am done everything i can to get him to relax but, i just worried about it been up so much ?

i know i am allways asking questions i worrie a bi too much
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do u mean the crest on his head??? as far as i know its a sign he's on high alert...unsure of whats happening around him....i may be wrong so wait to see if anyone else agrees before u his neck stretch too?? little mikey does that when he hears a loud noise or sees something move fast he is unsure could be the budgies are scaring him by their fast movements and not sure how long you should leave him to see if he calms down...again wait and see what someone else with more experience says....if he doesn't settle and get used to it can you put the budgies in a different room?
lol no problem i just got confused i said don't go and do anything from what i say...if he is a little stressed i would say time will help him settle is a new area after all....hopefully someone else will come along and give some advice
good stuff...will cross my fingers he adjusts quickly
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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