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since moving jojo he has his crop up almost all the time

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since moving jojo he has his crest up almost all the time

i know if the crest is up it means they are worried, i am done everything i can to get him to relax but, i just worried about it been up so much ?

i know i am allways asking questions i worrie a bi too much
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umm i could move the budgies, he seem to talk ot them, when he is in the cage i leave the cage uncovered when i get jojo out i cover them up, as one flapped and he flew, i think he is calmer i had just noticed,

yeah i mean his crest lol still learning the jargon
yeah i have been advised to give him time, i just got bit wrried as its kinda gone up and not moved much, poor baby not having much luck
thanks :D he seems ok when he comes out lol
maybe i am just worried there for seeing in to it a bit more, the crop is the throat isnt it durr lol
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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