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Spotted a latino cockatiel flying over street (SE )
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Date: 2008-May-03, 10:45PM PDT

A week ago or so. Maybe longer. Well I can hear one maybe two it seems
every morning. Making there cockatiel sounds very early in the
mornings.. Sounds close. We have a couple of large birds and there left
over food we leave out on a bird feeder for the wild birds and
squirrels. Have not seen them again. And only saw the latino (yellow
one fly right over the street. Why do I know for sure these are
cockatiels... I Know these birds sounds. I used to raise them for our
shop we had in the family many years ago. If anyone has lost there
birds. Check over by SE Clatsop St. area between the 205 and 82nd.
Largest intersection is Johnson Creek Blvd. There is a huge field
across from our home and many trees..

Location: SE

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