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Franklin, GA Sighted Tiel too high up to see mutation.

Original on BirdsnWaysTiel Talk 3/30/08 The poster has birds and knows to keep listening. he now has a cage outside with food and water. No contact at this time.

I've personally checked our messages the best I can and no match.

http://www.birdsnwa ncs/tt.cgi? r=744780

Posted as follows:

Was outside doing yard work with my oldest daughter just a few minutes ago - when I distinctly heard a bird that sounded like a cockatiel. I told my daughter "that sounds just like a cockatiel" - then, she heard it too, so, we walked in the direction of where we heard it but, didn't hear anything. We walked back to the other side of our house and continued to do our yard work when a few minutes later, we hear it calling out again, only this time, it was flying in circles above us and above the tree line. Couldn't make out the mutation but, it is definately fully-flighted. It then flew off back over to where we first heard it but, we are on several acres of land, as well as the other surrounding properties, that are loaded with trees, heavy brush areas, etc. We're attempting to put out an extra cage with some food/water, etc.

If there's anyone who had a cockatiel escape in the Heard County, GA area or surrounding counties (including Alabama counties that are near Heard Cty, GA)
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