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Sick hen with 3 eggs possible egg bound

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Hi I'm hoping someone can help me with advice
Mommy bird has is unwell I'm starting to think she is egg bound earlier this evening I thought she was going to die she is so weak and not making any sounds, she looks terrible anyway I removed her from nest box cage, because she was so unwell and went to lay ontop of the nest box in a corner, she basically passed out to sleep on my chest I manage to give her Cocunut water in a syringe and rubbem olive oil on the vent information I found online.
The dad is very sad and looks depressed it's like he sense something is wrong with her, he won't go near the nest box now to keep eggs warm there is 3 fertile eggs inside. I placed the hen in a "hospital cage" close to heating lamp also right next to my brooder where I have a 24 day old baby. Now what do I do to the eggs, the dad looks in shock clearly upset his lady love who he is obsess with is gone. Eggs are on day 4, 6 and 8. Usually she layers 4 or 5 eggs, today was meant to be the day she layed the 4th egg but nothing happened. It's late here and no avian vet any where close to me at all. Prob like 3 hours drive. Any way please advice me what to do to the eggs tonight, currently have a heating mat under the wooden nest box. But it's stil cold and what about turning the eggs every few hours. They usually do that but now it's up to me. Do I remove the nest box out the cage with the dad, do I leave it with him with the heating mat, or do I find space in my brooder and leave eggs there. But keep in mind my baby is 24 days so the temperature is not that high because you suppose to drop temp every few days so it's now only at 29 Celsius I can't make it higher and humidity is between 40 and 50 only. So what must I do in this situation I don't want her fertile eggs to die inside the egg. Please any advice how to keep eggs warm tonight also keep in mind its stil cold and winter here.
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