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Hello there, Nick here once again and want to ask about my sick bird.

Age: Around 2-3 years but as i got it from shop, i can't say the exact age.

Scenario: Actually the male cockatiel passed 4 months before and since the female was alone, as because there are 2 budgies in the other cage i didn't think of purchasing a new male for the time being rather was waiting for winter to pass away. Yesterday i got time and went to the bird pet shop to purchase a male one. As i was not sure about my cockatiel sex i had to carry it to the pet shop to identify and get a mate for her.
Well everything went well and then the shop owner determined the sex and gave me a male cockatiel.

When i got them back at home to their cage they were perfectly okay. After an hour the problem started. The female fell sick, too sick that vomited, even some stuffs came out of her mouth and was in a critical condition, i am grateful to God that she survived the night. Every 4-5 mins she just started to breath heavily, watery stuffs from her mouth. Since afternoon to midnight she was like that and lately she could not even lift her head, was almost lying like a dead bird, lifting her left leg every time and hitting the cage, neck almost around half bent (60-70%) but later at night she went stable, was at least no heavy breathing, no lifting and stuffs from mouth.

In between in the evening i did provide her the medicine "Sefa" that my shopkeeper asked me to provide , also had to put 1-2 drops in her mouth. Nothing else no water, no foods.

Since today morning she is being a bit fluffy, sitting at one corner end of the cage, didn't move much, right eye is much hurt and bigger because of yesterdays pains she went though, just was hitting the cage.
I didn't provide her medicine today, neither i think she had foods nor a bit of water (at least in my presence , although since morning i have been with her). I kept her in sunlight since morning, so that she could become warmer as lately i called up the shopkeeper and he guided me that.
The thing is that at this moment, shall i catch her like yesterday i did and feed her water and some foods. She didn't eat anything since yesterday and i too much worried at this moment i should feed or wait as because i learned somewhere that when sick they might not eat for 1-2 days but my case seems to be a bit different.

She pooped a lot almost watery with bit of brownish previous day and today green.

Getting a dog/cat vet is easy in my location but a bird vet is really not easy.
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