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Hello everyone
I have a 10 month old cockatiel, male he is a very social bird talks and sings alot
Last week i noticed that he stopped being social and stopped talking , he also had diarrhea, i took him to the avian vet he gave him a small amount of antibiotics straight to the mouth and my tiel started vomiting
Since then he is sleeping alot and not chirping like he used to and not drinking water nor eating unless i feed him
I gave him antibiotics in the water with vitamins and changed his diet
His diarrhea is slightly better but he lost some weight
I took him to the vet again he told me that he is fine he just needs time to process because his food has gone bad that is what caused the infection.
Im really worried though he is not moving alot , he started drinking water alone and eating a bit but no singing and always sleeping.
He sometimes starts chirping when he sees me go in the room other than that he is tired
Please advice me what can i do to help him and to make him gain the weight back?
Ps: i brought another male cockatiel for my friend until she got back from her travels , might it be the reason why he is sick? I mean is he jealous or depressed?
Im very scared for him
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