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My cockateil is getting sick, as she stopped eating and drinking since few days back.

In my country vets are not specialists as everytimr I visit them they just provide with antibiotic.

So with researching and past experience with cockateils what i did is I start feeding her with injection through her mouth. I am providing her with water and medicine and also making food for her like mashing boiled unsalted rice , oats and apple juice . I was just feeding her 1st apple juice but than i read they dont have glands. So i am making this food and feeding her with injection but honestly I dont have idea about quantity ..if i could know how much ML(mili littre) water I should give them and how much food in ML.

My bird color is going dull also, my bird crown seems bald and she is losing white feathers.

Before she was pooping it got hanging there only and was dark greenish thick thing and now after hand feeding her she got better as her poop is not so good its comming so much white liquidish and lil green

Kindly help as bird life will be saved

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